TedTalk: Revolution and Your Solution

What would you have a revolution about?
1. Name the problem: Better funding, infastructure and technology for student use at HBCU’s

2. What group is affected?: College students

3. What is the demographical group?: Students of all genders, racial backgrounds and cultures. They must be attending an HBCU

4. What is the social economic group involed?: Students who attend HBCU’s that aren’t as up-to-date as other schools.

5. What are your solutions to the problem?: The only thing I can do is start a petition. Try to get people to support because a lot of students don’t believe their voices matter. I can then take my petition to the President of my HBCU and present it respectfully, if he will have me. I can send a copy to the Board of Education. I just have to keep pressing until something is done because the money is not an issue anymor and the United States knows that.

TedTalk for Systems of adversity: For the Love of Teaching | Rusul Alrubail |


Rusul Alrubail

In this video there was a young woman by the name of Rusul Alrubail who was originally from Iraq but moved to Jordan and then to Canada. Throughout her life she experienced many hardships that she decided she wanted to share. She discussed how the educational system was very unfair and somewhat cruel to her. She described how she overcame adversity many of times. She talked about how teachers told her she wasn’t good enough and they didn’t want to help her achieve her educational goals. She even had teachers and other people that tried to deter her from the path she was taking to move up in her field. She also spoke about how she had to conform to the ways of her teachers and how she felt that this was unfair, and I agree.

My name is Sarah France and in my years of being educated and being an educator I understand where Rusul is coming from. I have been told that I am not good enough and that there are things that I can’t do. But just as she did, I overcame all those obstacles. When I was in elementary school, I was told I was going to be held back in 4th grade, but I wasn’t. When I reached middle school, I was having a hard time learning like the other students and on the level they were learning on, partially because I was stubborn. I was told I was going to do 2 years of 8th grade, but I didn’t! When I got to high school, I didn’t know how to act. I was sort of a wild child. I was told I wouldn’t graduate on time and that alternative school or a GED was going to be my only option. Neither one of those were in my options. I had to overcome so many obstacles just to get where I am now. Even at this age and day, I am still conquering obstacles in the educational field. It’s not getting any easier either but I’m making things work the best way I know how.

I guess what Ms. Alrubail and I am trying to prove is that adversity is just a window to opportunity. It gives you a chance to show yourself how strong you really are and how focused and determined you have become. It’s a chance to let people know that no matter how they feel about you, none of it matters if you don’t feel the same way. You can’t let someone define you, YOU define YOU. You make you who you are, not the next person. No one out in this world can live for you. The educations system has to get better though. Just like Ms. Rusul said, educators need to help the students more rather than put them down and go against them. Educators need to help students grow and mature, nurture them, and show them the love that not all of them see every day. Many students need love and care from a place they spend the majority of their days at.  Every child is different but they all deserve a proper education and support from their families as well as their teachers. “Meaningful teaching is not only about the skills and experience, but its is about what kind of person you want to be.” Think of this as a way to guide your instruction. How did you want your professors to treat you? How did you want to learn? Did you want to be shown respect and care? I guarantee you did, so do the same for your students.



Danger of a Single Story


      While watching the beginning of this video, the way she spoke and what she talked about reminded me of historical times. Times where there was complete segregation and African Americans were completely stereotyped to be nothing valuable to mankind. Her story reminded me of when I was growing up in school and we were only being taught what the white man wanted us to know. But when I got in 5th grade that all changed for me. My 5th grade teacher’s name was Ms. Calvin. She just so happened to be an advocate for African American equality. She taught my Social Studies class A LOT about where we came from. She made us put on performances and everything. Even though we’d had Black History Month in school, I’d never went into depth and understood more until I got in that 5th grade class. I only knew partial of what I should’ve been learning. Once she opened my eyes to what had really happened, I wanted to know more and began to learn more. I’m still learning about my Black Heritage to this day and its greatly appreciated.

            I too have a story that has not been shared with many people. I’m living in the city of Jacksonville, FL where I hardly know anyone. I don’t socialize much and I don’t really like too many people here because they simply aren’t like those where I come from. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, which isn’t too far from here, but the people are different. I’ve been here for 3 years and now and it’s hard to make GENUINE friends. I just wish I could find at least 2 people that I felt were compatible enough to be my real friends. That would make my journey through college a lot easier I bet. I could share my story with them and where I’ve come from, where I’ve been, and where I plan on going with high hopes of taking them with me. My story is powerful and I am willing to share it with anyone who listens with hopes that they are inspired to live like I have. The danger of my story unshared is that people will never know the real me and will never get to meet the amazing person that I think I am. I’m different than most people but I love the person I’ve become. My story could help people understand me but they won’t take the time to. They listen to what others say or they look at me and go the other way. But that’s fine. I can just wait until someone thinks I’m worth their time.

10 Ways to Build Your Brand


10 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

1.     Start with your character. What are your morals and values that distinguishes you from other individuals? How does your character define you?

2.     Build your reputation. This takes a lifetime. But you have a lifetime to build it. How do people view you as a person? What do people think when they hear your name or see your face? Your reputation is what you say, think, and do aloud for people to see.

3.     Ask yourself are you RESPECTED or RESPECTFUL? This goes a long way. One of the number one things that business people value in their lives is respect. Can you be respectful to the people you meet? Are you a respected individual? Because if you aren’t then no one will be able to take you seriously.

4.     How’s your competence? What experience do you have with what you’re trying to sell? Are you credible for the information you’re giving out?

5.     Build your network. Socialize with more people. Go to events, shake hands with people, have meaningful conversations, and collect business cards. These may come in handy. Networking is important to expanding your business or your brand. The more people that know about you, the better.

6.     Raise your profile. Speak and write fluently. Make yourself sound educated because you are. Know what you’re talking about, know what you’re trying to accomplish. Get comfortable and let it rip. Share your ideas with people whether through internet posts, blogs, videos, or even books.

7.     Use your mobile phone as well as social media. These 2 things are HUGE IN SOCIETY today. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, Bebo, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, GoogleChat, Snapchat, etc. Use these resources to your advantage.

8.     Advertise on TV Channels. This will help your exploitation as well.

9.     Make a website for access on the internet. Billions of people use the internet for almost everything they do. Why not make a website they can access while they’re already by the keyboard? Even on their mobile phones.

10.  BE AUTHENTIC! BE ORIGINAL! BE YOURSELF! Don’t be something or someone you’re not. That’s already taken. There is only one YOU so if you’re not out there yet and you’re out there as someone else, how do you expect to sell yourself? Good question, I know.

Don’t Give Up!

Have you ever been hurt before?

Have you ever felt so low where you didn’t want to live anymore?

Have you ever thought to yourself “what is my purpose here on Earth?” or “Why am I even here?”

Have you ever felt like no one loved you or cared about you?

Have you ever felt like an outsider and you thought no one wanted to be your friend?

I have felt all those things before. Maybe I haven’t been able to feel them to the extremity of others, but I can compare to the feeling. I have been in a place where I wanted to take my own life and give up on everything that I knew was hurting me. BUT, I couldn’t do it because I knew I had to just keep moving. I knew I had to accept the things that I could not change as well as change the things around me that I did have control over. Sometimes this may take “jumping off the porch” when you’ve never done that before. What’s “jumping off the porch” you ask? This simply means stepping out of your comfort zone. This just means working outside of the bubble you’re used to being in. If things are constantly hurting you and you know the root of your pain, why not change it? It may be easier said than done for some people but I know SOMETHING can be done because I’ve been there plenty of times. This world is constantly changing, every single day. If you are still sitting in the same place, you are being left behind. If you can’t find the spark in your life, make one! If you think your life is boring, simply go have some fun. If you think no one loves you, GET A PET. They love you long time and they help you learn things everyday. Even if its just a fish.


Throughout your lifetime, you will experience hardships but you must understand that you have to know bad in order to understand good. You must go through hard times in order to understand what good things you have in your life; cherish those things because they could be here today and gone in the blink of an eye. Understand that nothing in life is guaranteed but death. Stay positive and DON’T GIVE UP! Look on the brighter side of things. Turn your frowns into smile by not claiming all the negative things happening but proclaiming that things will get better and that you will have better days. Make yourself happy because if you can’t then nobody else’s effort will mean anything to you. Trust me, I know from experience.

REMEMBER THIS: There are always rainbows and butterflies after the storm to remind you that the storm does end and that things do get better. Accept what you can’t change and be the happiness in your own life. Stay positive and keep your head up. Your crown may tilt but don’t let it fall. Your shoes may come untied but that doesn’t mean you trip, fall, and bust your head. Stumble a little bit, realize they’re untied, tied them, and proceed with walking forward. That’s how life should go.

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Remember to stick to your morals and accomplish your goals. JUMP OFF THE PORCH and be free. Don’t let anything hold you back or steal your smile. Say a prayer and everything is going to be alright. Fantasia Barrino’s songs says “Sometimes you gotta lose to win again. If it makes you cry, and all you do is fight, can’t no sleep at night, sometimes you gotta lose to win again”


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Wholesomely Spontaneous

Hmmmmm, ‘Wholesomely Spontaneous’…

Why ‘Wholesomely Spontaneous’? Where did she get that name from?

Well… I’m currently a Junior enrolled at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, Fl. #GoTIGERS #iLOVEmyHBCU! Right now I am taking this technology class that has challenged me to create a “brand” and be an active blogger. I’ve never had a brand nor have I ever been a blogger before but I’m excited to start.

My “brand” is entitled “Wholesomely Spontaneous”. I chose this because we were instructed to pick something that defines us and use it as the name for our blog. To be wholesome means to be someone who promotes good health and well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. It means to be well-grounded and dedicated to sticking to your morals and beliefs.  Being spontaneous means to act on sudden impulse without stimulation. It means to have a natural, open, and uninhibited manner. It may sound like these don’t completely go together but in a way they do. At least for me they do. See I have really strong beliefs and my parents raised me very well if I should say so myself. I turned out to be a really strong-minded young woman, again if I may say so myself. I’m not trying to brag or anything but I appreciate the way I was brought up and I’m proud of the person I am today. A person that isn’t afraid to speak her mind. A young woman who has had her fair share of obstacles but still moves forward every single day. I’m just an ordinary girl who loves to be different despite what others have to say about her. Does this sound like you?

“But how does this make you wholesomely spontaneous?”, you ask?

Well… I have so many things on my plate but yet I still find time to do the things I love to do, fun things, things a lot of other people don’t have time for. Being spontaneous doesn’t mean to be exaggerate in all your adventures. “Just Do It” like Nike, whatever it is. But make sure the activity supports YOU. I am the kind of person who only wants to be happy with herself first before others. It may sound kind of selfish but watch this… If you are not happy with your own life, how can you promote positivity  in someone else’s life? That’s a little bit hypocritical don’t you think?

DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY and it will be a whole lot easier to make someone else smile during the day. If you have your own peace and happiness watch how much better your days go. Even when someone has made you angry, if you have a solid inner peace it is so much easier to go from being angry back to being happy. I do it just about every day and I love it. I can’t complain. I get up, go to school, go to work, go to practice, come home to do homework, eat, eat take a shower and go to bed. Now just imagine all the things that can go on in a day like that for a college student. I know you have a busy life to so this method could work for you as well.

Wake up in the morning. Do the basics of course, but while you’re doing it sing or hum your favorite song. Get yourself in a good move, a good groove. Start your day off right. If an obstacle comes along during the day, big or small, put your best foot forward in a positive way and get through it. Dedicate a spot in your mind that will only be for your happy place. Think about this place every chance you get. Try to pick a new one every other day if you like. Go on a trip every now and then. Take a nice walk. Go sit at the park for a bit. Enjoy the sunshine sometimes. Go ride a roller coaster. See a scary movie. Play with a dog. Go to your nearest animal shelter, you never know how interesting that could be if you’ve never been before. DO SOMETHING other than your ordinary, daily boringness. Things take time to adapt but you’ll love it in the end.

There will be more WholesomelySpontaneous posts to come. Just stick around; it only gets better.






Welcome to My Page


Greetings to those viewing my page. This is my first time creating a blog and I’m actually really excited. As a part of my Technology class at Edward Waters College I have to become an active blogger. I chose the name “Wholesomely Spontaneous” because it describes myself and what I’m going to express through my blogs. I’m hoping whoever reads my posts will enjoy them “wholesomely” and live through them “spontaneously”. Get it? Lol. Thank You and GO TIGERS ! #LoveMyHBCU #TIGERPRIDE #GOTIGERS #EWC #EWC18#EdwardWatersCollegeewc-tiger